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Are there any restaurants and bars in the area?

You are located in one of the liveliest areas of Florence. The Oltrarno district is now considered as the hottest place for food and drinks. At the same time, however, our apartments are very quiet because they are situated in very calm streets.

Can the historic center of Florence be reached easily?

Five to ten minutes maximum walking distance to the major tourist attractions.

Are there any security monitored parking lots nearby?

The Borgo Tegolaio apartment has its own parking next to the building where it is located, comfortable, covered and paid. The apartments in Via del Drago D'Oro have monitored covered parking just 150 m away from them.

Are pets allowed?

Yes they are welcome, we are also animal lovers. Of course it is up to your common sense to respect the normal rules of behavior and will be primarily responsible for any damage to persons or property.

What is the tourist tax?

Some municipalities (Rome, Venice and Florence) have introduced a tax for those who stay in the city for short periods. The fee is payed in cash by customers upon check in at their accommodation and then payed by the hosts to the municipality that will invest to improve the city. In Florence, the amount of the tax is equal to 2.50 € per person per night for the first 7 nights of stay (excluding children under 12 years).

What about electricity, water, heating and air conditioning consumptions?

They are included in the price of the apartments when it comes to short stays. For medium-term it will be established depending on the duration of stay.

What are the checkin and checkout procedures?

There are no fixed checkin or checkout hours, you can arrange your schedule directly with the person that will meet you and instruct you upon arrival. Obviously for particular times like late night, it is always better to inform our personel well in advance to have time to organize at best.

Will I have to clean the apartment at my departure?

No, our staff will take care of it, the only thing we ask is to wash the tableware (plates, glasses, pots etc.) And throw away the garbage.

Does the stay include a change of linens?

It depends on the length of the stay. Usually linen changes are provided for stays longer than 15 days. You can still request to have this paid service.

Upon my arrival will I find linens?

Yes, at your arrival you will find sheets and towels for each person booked and tea towels in the kitchen.

Is the kitchen fully equipped?

There is everything from pots, dishes, glasses and even household appliances such as a coffee maker an electric kettle and toaster.

Is it possible to stay for short periods of time?

You can stay for short periods, with a minimum of three nights required, and medium periods, with a maximum of a year-long stay.

Are the apartments fully furnished?

Yes, they are fully furnished and studied in detail to provide every comfort during your stay and make you feel at home.

Are the apartments new?

Yes, all buildings are completely renovated in structure, systems and furnishings. The apartmens are brand new both in the interior and in their exterior facade. Borgo Tegolaio was renovated in 2015 and Via del Drago d'Oro in 2016.

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